Интервью с создателем AoD

2015.11.17 15:11:00

Кажется это первое интервью после именно выхода игры со времен интервью года эээ 2012, где Винс клал на интервьирующего едва ли не матюками за вопросы типа "Разве пошаговый бой делали не из-за ограничений движков?":


Мне особенно доставило:

TEG: Now that the game is out, how do you feel about the project? Relief? Post-partum depression? Pride?

VDW: It’s kind of like this. You trek through a desert, having a destination in mind (let’s call this destination “making games for a living and never having to wear a suit again”). You know that there is a well up ahead and you pray that it has some water, otherwise you can’t continue and will have to turn back.

You get to it and discover that the water is there, which is a relief, but at the same time you haven’t reached the destination yet. So you refill your flask and hope that you can make it to the next well.

и так же

TEG: What role, if any, do literature and art play in your creative process, and what are some of your major influences in these domains? What else inspires you?

VDW: Um… you do know that I’m an indie game developer, not a Nobel prize winner, right?